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Update: 13/04/2015
Valid from: 01/01/2014

A collective labour agreement was concluded in the Joint Committee for Transport and Logistics on 19 June 2014 concerning the increase of the overtime quota for employees and workers employed in the sub-sector for removal companies. It was filed with the Registry of the Collective Labour Relations Office and registered on 19 August 2014 under the number 123035/CO/140.05. The notice of filing appeared in the Belgian Official Gazette of 18 September 2014.

We give you the text of this CLA below.

Article 1

§This collective labour agreement applies to the employers falling under the Joint Committee for Transport and Logistics and belonging to the Joint Subcommittee for Relocation.

§The Joint Sub-Committee for Removals shall be competent for the workers who mainly perform manual work and their employers, namely for undertakings which perform removal activities on behalf of third parties.

The term 'on behalf of third parties' shall mean performing removal activities for other natural or legal persons and provided that the companies performing removal activities on behalf of third parties do not at any time become the owners of the goods in question.

Removal activities shall be understood as: any movement of goods other than commercial goods intended for or used for furnishing, decorating or equipping a private or professional space, including, among other things, specific actions such as protecting, packing, unpacking, disassembling, loading, unloading, assembling, storing, installing or setting up, if necessary with the aid of lifting or hoisting equipment of any kind.

The Joint Subcommittee on Removals shall not be competent in respect of undertakings performing removal activities which fall within the competence of the Joint Committee on metalworking, mechanical and electrical construction, the Joint Committee on building construction, the Joint Committee on upholstery and woodworking, the Joint Committee on metalworking, mechanical and electrical construction and the Joint Committee on guarding and/or surveillance services.

Article 2

This collective labour agreement is concluded in implementation of the Act of 17 August 2013 and Articles 6 and 7 of the Royal Decree of 11 September 2013 (B.S. of 19 September 2013), which establishes the negotiation procedure for increasing the internal limit of working hours to be observed during the reference period and the quorum of overtime hours for which the employee may waive catch-up rest in application of Article 26 bis, §1bis and §2bis, of the Labour Code of 16 March 1971.

Article 3

This chapter concerns overtime due to an extraordinary increase in work (Article 25 of the Labour Code of 16 March 1971) or work required due to an unforeseen necessity (Article 26a, §1bis and §2bis of the Labour Code of 16 March 1971).
The number of hours of catch-up rest the employee can choose not to catch up but have paid out is increased from 130 to 143 hours per calendar year.

Article 4

This Collective Labour Agreement takes effect on 1 January 2014 and replaces Collective Labour Agreement no. 77064 dd. 30/09/2005 declared universally binding by Royal Decree dd. 22/03/2006 (BS 11/05/2006 -24210). It is concluded for an indefinite period.

It may be terminated by any of the contracting parties. Such termination must take place at least three months in advance by registered letter addressed to the Chairman of the Joint Committee for Transport and Logistics, who will inform the parties concerned without delay. The three-month period commences on the date of dispatch of the abovementioned registered letter.

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