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Update: 22/12/2016
Valid from: 13/06/2005

Employment on Sundays and public holidays in the sector ".Removal companies", furniture storage and related activities" is regulated by :

The possibility of employing workers in land transport undertakings under Article 66 of the Labour Code of 16 March 1971 is abolished by Article 8 of the aforementioned collective agreement of 9 December 1988, the text of which reads as follows :

It is not permitted to work on Sundays. The Joint Committee for Transport may, however, permit some work to be carried out on Sundays if it deems it absolutely necessary.

Applications for admission shall be accompanied by the opinion, if any, of the representative employers' and workers' organisations of the sector concerned and a list of the names of the workers concerned by the derogation.

These applications, accompanied by the required opinions, should be sent to the Chairman of the Joint Committee for Transport“.

Article 4 of the CLA of 13 June 2005 provides that in the undertakings new working arrangements may be introduced that simultaneously provide for Sunday working, without the employer being obliged to request permission from the joint committee as provided for in Article 2.8.4. of the Collective Labour Agreement of 13 June 2005 concerning working hours in the sub-sector for removal companies, furniture storage and their related activities.

The period within which the compensatory, unpaid, rest period for Sunday work must be granted is maximum 8 weeks.

According to Article 10 of the Law of 4 January 1974, workers in land transport companies may be employed on public holidays. According to Article 11 of the same law, catch-up rest must be granted within six weeks following the holiday.

Royal Decree of 23 July 1976 laying down the amount of pay for public holidays for removal firms operating under the Joint Committee for Transport (Belgian Official Journal of 9 October 1976).

Having regard to the Law of 4 January 1974 on public holidays, and in particular Article 14, para. 2, second paragraph;

Article 1

This Decree shall apply to the employers and workers of the removal and furniture storage companies and their related activities, which fall under the Joint Committee for Transport.

Article 2

The workmen referred to in Article 1 are entitled to a daily wage for each public holiday or day in lieu of a public holiday, which is equal to eight times the hourly wage awarded to them at the time of the public holiday or day in lieu of a public holiday.

Article 3

This Decision shall enter into force on the day of its publication in the Belgian Official Gazette.

Article 4

Our Minister of Employment and Labour is in charge of the implementation of this Decree.

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