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Update: 18/09/2012
Valid from: 01/07/2009

Every effective and substitute member of the works councils, of the committees for prevention and protection at work and of the trade union delegations is in principle entitled to two days of absence per mandate, paid for by his employer, in order to participate in the training courses organised by the trade unions.

The number of days of absence for trade union training to which the full and substitute members of the Works Councils, of the Committees for Prevention and Protection at Work and of the Trade Union Delegations are entitled per mandate shall be totalised at sector level and per trade union organisation. Based on this total number, additional days may be allocated to full and substitute members who need more than two days of trade union training per mandate. This is done until the total number of days of absence for trade union training per organisation is exhausted.

The requests will be submitted by the trade union to the employer at least 2 weeks before the start of the planned absence.

The salary per day of trade union training followed shall be determined as follows:

Employers may reclaim the salary costs of their employees who are absent due to trade union training from the social fund.

The practical modalities for the implementation of this collective labour agreement will be worked out by the Management Board of the sector's social fund.

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