1. Principle

In view of the mobile nature of the personnel employed, which makes it impossible for the companies to provide a number of sanitary facilities (such as washing areas, refectories, toilets, drinks, etc.), recourse has to be had to existing private accommodation.

For this reason, employers grant their (non-sedentary) employees an allowance called an ARAB allowance.

This ARAB allowance is to be used as reimbursement for expenses incurred by non-sedentary staff, outside the company's registered office, mentioned in the work rules, but which are specific to the company.

  1. Procedure

The ARAB allowance must be mentioned on the employees' sheet 281.10 under the heading "costs specific to the employer".

  1. Amount

For each hour of service, since 01/09/2012, a fixed ARAB allowance is paid to the workers amounting to € 1,12 allocated for each hour of service.