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C.A.O.    94385  15/06/2009      
K.B.      21/02/2010 B.S.  14/04/2010  

Collectieve arbeidsovereenkomst van 15 juni 2009 tot wijziging van de CAO van 25 juli 1986 fixing the amounts of the allowances and grants in favour of the workers and the employers' contribution provided for in the statutes of the "Social Fund for removals and furniture storage companies and their associated activities".


Article 1. 

§1. This collective labour agreement applies to the employers falling under the Joint Committee for Transport and Logistics and belonging to the sub-sector for removal companies, furniture storage and their related activities, as well as to their employees.

§2. For the purposes of this Agreement:

"removal" means any transfer of installations from one place to another, including: private homes, offices, warehouses, workshops, fairs, factories, exhibitions, etc. ... including all accompanying activities such as packing, unpacking, assembling, dismantling without this list being exhaustive;

"Furniture storage facilities" means the storage facilities for furniture and other items requiring the same or similar special storage facilities;

"Related activities" means any transport of goods that requires the use of vehicles specially equipped such as for the transport of furniture and to prevent the damage during transport of various goods such as new furniture, art objects, electrical household appliances, archives, etc....;

"vehicles specially equipped for the carriage of furniture" means any vehicle with fixed or movable bodywork, non-flexible, watertight, with interior strapping, with a propelling device, built properly for the carriage of removals and equipped with small storage and protective equipment such as blankets, crates, any other similar equipment, etc. ...

§3. The term "workmen" means workers.

CHAPTER II. Legal framework 

Article 2. 

This collective agreement is concluded in implementation of the protocol agreement for the years 2009-2010.


CHAPTER III. Toepassings-modaliteiten

Article 3.

This collective labour agreement refers to the collective labour agreement concluded in the Joint Committee for Transport on 25 January 1985 (Royal Decree of 22 April 1985), which restates the statutes of the "Social Fund for removals, furniture storage and related activities".

Additional allowance for unemployment

Article 4.

 " In implementation of the provisions of Article 25 of the Statutes laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement of 25 January 1985, concluded in the Joint Committee for Transport, establishing a fund for subsistence security, called the "Social Fund for the Removal, Furniture Storage and Associated Activities", and laying down its Statutes, declared generally binding by the Royal Decree of 22 April 1985 (Official Gazette of 30 May 1985), the additional unemployment allowance referred to in Articles 5 and 6 of the same Statutes, per day of partial unemployment for economic reasons, is fixed as follows

6.00 EUR in a five-day week regime

EUR 5.00 in a six-day week regime.

Only the workers, holders of a removal card P, are entitled to this allowance.

CHAPTER IV. Winding up provisions

Article 5.

Deze collectieve arbeidsovereenkomst vervangt artikel 2 van de collectieve arbeidsovereenkomst van 25 juli 1986 tot vaststelling van de bedragen van de toelagen en tegemoetkomingen ten gunste van de werklieden en werksters en van de bijdrage van de werkgevers voorzien in de statuten van het “Sociaal Fonds voor de ondernemingen van verhuizingen, meubelbewaring en hun aanverwante activiteiten”, algemeen verbindend verklaard bij KB van 10 oktober 1986 (BS van 5 november 1986); gewijzigd bij CAO van 8 juli 1993, algemeen verbindend verklaard bij KB van 31 mei 1994 (BS van 23 augustus 1994); gewijzigd bij CAO van 12 juni 2001, algemeen verbindend verklaard bij KB van 5 november 2002 (BS van 15 januari 2003); gewijzigd bij CAO van 26 november 2003, algemeen verbindend verklaard bij KB van 12 mei 2004 (BS van 23 juni 2004), gewijzigd bij CAO van 19 december 2005, algemeen verbindend verklaard bij KB van 22 maart 2006 (BS 23.05.2006)

HOOFDSTUK V. Validity period

Article 6. 

This collective agreement comes into force on 1 June 2009 and is concluded for an indefinite period.

It may be terminated by any of the contracting parties. Such notice of termination must be given at least three months in advance by registered letter addressed to the Chairman of the Joint Committee for Transport and Logistics, who will inform the parties concerned without delay. The three-month period commences on the date of dispatch of the abovementioned registered letter.