1. Principle

According to the collective agreement, the removal fee is payable on hours of attendance which are compensated at 100 pct.

Since the collective agreement refers to 'on-call time', it means both working time and availability time, since both are covered by the concept of 'on-call time' and both are paid at the normal rate of pay.

The thing is, this CBA does not target those hours that are compensated above 100 %, such as overtime.

Overtime only takes into account working time and not availability time.

  1. Amount

From 1 December 2022, the distancing allowance will be €3.8010 per hour.

  1. Example

An employee is present at work for 16 hours a day, i.e. 9 hours of working time and 7 hours of availability time. All these hours are considered as attendance hours that are remunerated to 100%. There is also a removal premium due for 7 hours, but no overtime.

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