These scales have been calculated on the basis of the amounts and adjustment rules contained in the collective labour agreements in our possession.

These tables may therefore be modified at a later date following the publication of the "official" scales.

In some of our minimum wage tables you will find:

  • "Category codes" : the categories are listed with the code used by the affiliates - Social Secretariat vzw, to indicate the professional qualification of each employee,
  • asterisks: the asterisks followed by " % of another scale " indicate that the scale is the result of applying calculation rules of a scale in a percentage of another scale (example: application of the baras voltage).

In the absence of minimum wages specific to the joint committee, the guaranteed average minimum monthly income of the National Labour Council (NLC) must be respected. You will find this under PC 300 of our sector documentation

P.C. Name Wage adjustment due to Valid since
140.05.00-01.00 Relocation - Driving personnel Conv increase : 0,4 % Protocol agreement 2021-2022 01/01/2022
140.05.00-02.00 Relocation - Garage staff Indexation : 5.15 % 01/02/2022