To make it possible to check both the collection of the contributions and the payment of the allowances provided for, the workers must be in possession of a removal card in accordance with the model in the appendix throughout their employment, depending on whether they have been hired for an indefinite period (P) or for a specific job or for a definite period (S).

Only the holders of a movers card P (both full time and half time in fixed employment registered) are entitled to the foreseen benefits. This card will be given to them by their employer when they take up their duties, after their registration in Dimona.

They must return the card on departure. In case of loss or failure to return the card, it will be declared worthless. The removal cards are issued to the employers by the Belgian Removal Chamber. The P cards must be renewed annually for all workers registered in the personnel register, the S cards every month.

The application for reimbursement of the benefits provided for must be addressed to the Social Fund for Removals, Furniture Storage and Associated Activities within three months of the expiry of the period concerned, otherwise the Social Fund may refuse to make the reimbursement.

Supplementary unemployment benefits
Supplementary sickness benefit
Severance pay in case of retirement or early retirement
Reimbursement in the event of death
Syndicated premium
Intervention medical and fiscal costs "certificate of fitness to drive
Intervention costs driving licence C and or CE
End-of-year bonus
Seniority premium
Financial intervention Syndicated training
Intervention costs driver card for digital tachograph