The Social Fund intervenes in the costs of the driver card for the digital tachograph of employees who work as worker-driver are employed in the removal sector.

1. Amount

The financial intervention of the Social Fund amounts to a maximum of the cost price invoiced by the ITLB. (1) VAT and shall only be made once per validity period. However, if the amount of the invoice is less than the maximum contribution, the contribution shall be limited to the amount of this invoice.

2. Award conditions

  1. The employees concerned must be registered as workers in the NSSO category 084 and are in possession of a P-mover card.
  2. The employer who has paid the cost of the driver card of his labour drivers can, on the basis of the duly completed and signed application form (zie rubriek “Formulieren”), hiervoor de voorziene tussenkomst van het Sociaal Fonds aanvragen.
  3. This form should be accompanied by a copy of the invoice from the ITLB (1)issued in the name of the employer concerning the cost of driver cards and stating the surnames and first names of the employees concerned as well as the number of their driver card.
  4. In addition, the application for intervention shall a list attached with the following data:
  • surname and first name of the worker-drivers involved;
  • national registration number of the workers concerned;
  • number of their P-movement card;
  • number of their driver card;
  • validity dates of their driver card.

(1) or from the competent authority of the Member State in which the driver has his normal residence.